TCR Open Challenge

RX Male: 500m Row | BMU | 225# Squat Clean
RX Female: 400m Row | BMU | 155# Squat Clean
Scaled Male: 500m Row | Pull-Ups | 155# Squat Clean
Scaled Female: 400m Row | Pull-Ups | 105# Squat Clean

Standards: Before the start of the workout, the athlete must state their name and show wallball weight, target height, and dumbbell weight. The athlete begins standing next to their wallball and may not touch the ball until the clock starts.

The athlete may begin the workout seated in the rower but may not grab the handle until the call of “go.” The monitor must be set to zero at the beginning of each round. The athlete or another person may reset the monitor.

In the bar muscle-up, the athlete must begin with or pass through, a hang below the bar with arms fully extended and the feet off the ground. … At the top, athletes must have the elbows fully locked out while they maintain support above the bar with shoulders over or in front of the bar.

The barbell begins on the ground. The rep is complete when the athlete’s hips and knees are fully extended and the bar is resting on the shoulders in the front-rack position with the athlete’s elbows in front of the bar. Power clean, and then a front squat is not permitted. Hang squat cleans are not permitted. Touch and go reps are permitted but there must be no bouncing of the barbell between reps and the athlete must fully stand up for the rep to be counted. If the athlete drops the bar from the top, the bar must be fully resting on the floor before the next rep begins.

This month’s prize will be awarded to the top RX score.

Scores are due January 30thth at 12am CST via email submission to 
Athletes must include a video link with their score submission. Before the start of the workout, athletes must state their name, show equipment weights, and set-up. The rower, pull-up bar, and barbell must be visible throughout the entire workout.